Teacher Perceptions of Year Round & Traditional School Schedules

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Our project has evolved quite a bit over the course of the last few weeks. We started out by initially looking into whether or not students achieved higher test scores in year round schooling (YRS). I am still very interested in this topic, but it’s kind of hard to complete a research study on something when you a) have two weeks and b) don’t have access to test data from the type of school you are looking into. Most of the research articles we found indicated that studies of this topic were completed over a period of years in order to have enough data. Since the entirety of the program is one month that made this a bit challenging. Continue reading “Teacher Perceptions of Year Round & Traditional School Schedules”


Research 101

This is the project that I feel I have to do the most work on. Last week the only progress we made was to identify different research practices and and start to identify a topic we were interested in. My group decided to look into year round schooling, and boy is that a mess to research right now. I am still very interested in the topic, but I am finding it hard to identify exactly what we should be looking into. I’m especially interested in how year round schooling effects student performance and engagement.

Our initial ideas include comparing teacher surveys between year round and traditional schools. The survey would ask teachers to discuss how long they need to spend reviewing after a break, as well as how burnt out they feel prior to a break. The idea behind this is that the more time teachers need to spend reviewing, the less the students remember from prior years.

The stumbling block we are running into is that it’s hard to reach out to teachers from specific schools during the summer months while on holiday. There is no guarantee that they will respond or even receive our survey within our time frame. We may need to do some modifications between now and actually sending out any sort of survey.