Quickfires Week 3

Monday, July 11, 2016 – Today’s Quickfire was not one in which we produced something.  We spent some time playing with Google Cardboard.  Google Cardboard sounds pretty boring just reading the name, but does, in fact, allow for you to play with some fun virtual reality games/explorations.  I had never experienced virtual reality before today, and I found the whole experience fascinating. Continue reading “Quickfires Week 3”


Quickfire Challenges: Week 1

Most of the days we attend class, we also have to do what are called “Quickfires” first thing to get our minds thinking.  A Quickfire is a challenge, with a time limit.  Listed here are links to the Quickfire assignments I did the first week of class, as well as a brief description Continue reading “Quickfire Challenges: Week 1”