Maker Journal Part 3: Feedback & Improvements

My initial idea is to have students create a city based around our geometry unit. In order to create this city, I plan to have students use paper to create buildings. From there, students will describe the shapes found in the buildings based on the lines and angles present. They will also need to understand parallel and perpendicular lines in order to create the system of roads. This project will be completed in groups-this allows for more collaboration and discussion between students. Verbalizing their thoughts allows for a deeper understanding of the content. Continue reading “Maker Journal Part 3: Feedback & Improvements”


Maker Journal Part 2: Coming Up with the Project

My question: How can I help my students improve their performance on the geometry based math standards through creation? Continue reading “Maker Journal Part 2: Coming Up with the Project”

Makers Journal Part 1: What is Maker Ed?

New Class Challenge: Make something

Sounds easy, right?  Well it kinda is.  But not only do I have to make something, BUT it also needs to be something that I could create a lesson or unit around for my classroom.  My goal is to create something low-tech that I can do in my classroom.  At the beginning of this project, we spent time exploring things that could be used in our maker projects  (Makey-Makey, mip for example). While I enjoyed playing and exploring with these different kits, I felt that they were impractical to use in my classroom currently. My school does not have the supplies, and right now, neither do I. Continue reading “Makers Journal Part 1: What is Maker Ed?”