#GREAT17 Reflection

For a first time presenter, I think I did well. Was it perfect? Definitely not. That just means that there is plenty of room for growth. However, I have been to conferences in which it was very obvious that the grad students presenting were not prepared for anything. Based on the feedback we received from the attendees, that was not an issue in our presentation. Additionally, by the time we reached the actual presentation, I felt prepared, which is important for a presentation to run smoothly. Continue reading “#GREAT17 Reflection”


GREAT17: Leading the Way

Me, next to our conference sign morning of the conference.

I can mark one thing off of my bucket list: I have now not only presented at, but also helped to plan an international ed tech conference. What a relief to have that over with! I had so much anxiety leading up to the conference. For someone whose entire career is about presenting to people, stuff like this stresses me out. I think because in my mind, it is more ok to tell my students that I don’t know an answer than people who are trying to learn a teaching method from me. Not to mention, adults ask much harder questions.

Continue reading “GREAT17: Leading the Way”


One of our major projects this summer is to work on arranging the GREAT 17 Conference. This conference is something set up by all of the Year 2 students in the abroad program, and is a traditional end of course assignment. While Year 1 and Year 3 students offer assistance and present posters and infographics, Year 2 students (my class!) are the ones in charge of logistics and presenting session topics.

First on our list of things to do was determine exactly what we needed to do (since our instructors are being very hands off). We determined our committees, digital, marketing, communications and logistics. Each of us had assigned tasks within our committees. My committee is the digital committee. My role is to be help take the lead in social media communications.

One of the other major tasks is to come up with session topics. My topic is project based learning, and I will be working with Piotr and Kyle. At this point, we are not completely sure in what direction our research will take us, but we are working very hard! Check back both here and on our website to find out more information!